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Our Top 6 Favorite Food Trucks/Trailers in TV and Movies

When gourmet food trucks first hit the road a few years ago, many skeptics were certain that they were “just a fad.”  However, in recent years we’ve increasingly seen food trucks portrayed in TV shows and movies, proving that they are a vital part of American culture and cuisine. The following are our five favorite representations of the gourmet food truck world in TV and movies.

6. Ride Along – lunchbox food trailer

ride along food truckIn 2014’s “Ride Along,” starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, this lunchbox food trailer is more than just a movie prop – it’s an actual taco truck that operates in Atlanta!  This iconic lunchbox, recently sold to new owners, is equipped with a flat screen TV and media player to entertain their hungry customers as they wait for their tacos.  A food trailer this special, it’s no wonder it was destined for the silver screen.


5. The Five Year Engagement – 9-1-YUM!

9-1-YUM2012’s “The Five Year Engagement” featured a taco truck that was so clever it had everyone wishing it were real! In the movie, Tom, played by Jason Segel, buys an ambulance and converts it into a paramedic-themed taco truck he called “9-1-YUM.” To the dismay of audiences and taco-connoisseurs alike, this ambulance food truck was only a prop and won’t be rushing Mexican food to anyone with a Taco-mergency any time soon.


4. Bob’s Burgers – Bob’s Burgers

Bob's Burgers Food Truckin'Fox’s animated show “Bob’s Burgers” comically shows the effect food trucks have on restaurants in season two’s episode “Food Truckin’.” In this episode, Bob reluctantly joins the food truck world to compete with those that are stealing business from his restaurant.  In an effort to be the best food truck, Bob and the family take their pun-ny burgers on the road to the food truck festival Lolla-Pa-Foods-La. His poor but equally hilarious attempt of having a successful food truck shows us how not to own a food truck.  The episode tastefully satirizes stereotypes of those who love food trucks and is of course equipped with pun-ny food truck names like “Total Eclipse of the Tart” and “Jeepers Crêp-ers.”

3. Happy Endings – Steak Me Home Tonight

steak me home tonightAlthough ABC’s “Happy Endings” lasted only 3 seasons, its fictional, cheesesteak-selling food truck “Steak Me Home Tonight” will last forever on the Internet.  The show’s premise centers on Zachary Knighton’s Dave coming to terms with being left at the altar.  An attempt to help his recovery, Dave starts this food truck and throughout the show works on increasing its success, from making commercials to launching a website, which still exists today.


2. The Great Food Truck Race

great food truck raceFood Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” is a fun reality show, hosted by Tyler Florence, on which food trucks compete each season for a grand prize.   Chefs aspiring to own a food truck and current food truck owners complete challenges in cities across America that they can win based on their sales.  In the end, the last food truck standing wins $50,000 and a brand new food truck of their own.  Season 5 begins Sunday, August 17, and you don’t want to miss it! Roadstoves helped by providing trucks and were consultants during production.

1. Chef – El Jefe

IMG_6890Coming in at number one, this summer’s food-truck-focused “Chef” depicts Carl, played by Jon Favreau, rediscovering his culinary passion by starting a food truck business of his own.  Restoring a broken down food truck and naming it El Jefe, Carl, his friend Martin, and his son Percy, drive the truck across the country from Miami to Los Angeles, while serving Cubanos along the way.  To keep the movie authentic, producers teamed up with Roy Choi, the famed co-owner of RoadstovesKogi, as the consultant on the film.  Still in theaters, “Chef” is an inspiring flick that we love and recommend everyone to go see.

Jon Favreau’s Food Truck Themed Chef Movie Premieres at SXSW

Roy Choi and Jon Favreau

We are so excited to see this much anticipated food truck movie. Congrats to Roy Choi for teaching filmmaker Jon Favreau how food trucks are done! #authentic


“Jon Favreau’s wonderfully entertaining return to independent filmmaking works beautifully as our 2014 opening-night film, with his sharp and funny take on the world of food, artistry, and family in the age of social media,” said head of SXSW Film, Janet Pierson.

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